Private Party Live Entertainment

Getting your guests to dance, all night long! That's Groove Kitchen!


Live Entertainment for your private party

You’re planning a private party. And you need a live band.

You’re looking for a group that offers a wide variety of music appealing to different age groups and tastes. You’d prefer a well-rehearsed band that sounds great and is … well, just plain fun to dance to.

Look no further. Groove Kitchen – Victoria’s premier soul-funk-latin band - is a terrific choice.

We’re a team of veteran musicians who’ve played everything from private parties to nightclubs to larger-scale events such as the Victoria International Jazz Festival, Blues Bash, the Moss Street Paint-In and Butchart Gardens.

We take your particular musical needs into account. We know how to create a fun, inclusive atmosphere so your guests have the time of their lives.

Groove Kitchen dresses well - the band always performs in suits and ties. We play at a reasonable volume. We provide all lights and PA system, which you may use for speeches, announcements, recorded music, etc.

We’re polished, respectful, professional and (after a decade together) very well rehearsed. Added bonus: we always arrive on time.

Our pledge: to work with you so that your event is the best ever. We want your guests to say, "Wow – what a wonderful party… we absolutely loved the band!"

And we promise you will say that, too.

Hello - my partner and I were at your show on Saturday night. We've been to several shows at this venue and I just want to say that you are the best musicians I've ever heard perform there. You were SO good (and fabulous to dance to! We will definitely be enjoying your music again, ... and we will be bringing friends.

S. Leedahl, happy Groove Kitchen audience member


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